Aug 202015

Rowing, running, G2Os and back squats

Start a running clock for 30 minutes.

In the first 15 minutes

  • row for 3000/2700m
  • for the time remaining do as many ground to overheads with 60/40kg as possible

In the second 15 minutes

  • run for 2000m
  • for the time remaining do as many back squats as possible with 60/40kg (bar starts from the ground)

your score is the total amount of g2o and back squats.

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Aug 182015

Complex time

In 20 minutes:

Find your heaviest set of the following complex:

  • 3 power snatch
  • 3 snatch grip push press
  • 3 ohs

After you've found your heavy set, take 20% off the bar and do as many complexes as possible for the remaining time.

Death by DB snatch

For 20 minutes "Death by dumbbell snatch" 45/25lbs. (2+2,4+4,6+6…)

After you are unable to finish the given amount of reps in one minute, rest the following minute and start over with half the reps of your last set.

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